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German Subject Guide: Find Books & AV

A guide to key databases, reference & web sources, and research & citation guides for German

Call Numbers

To browse the books on German language and literature on the second floor of the library, use these call numbers:

German Language:  PF 3001-5999

German Literature: PT 1-4897

PT1 - 1479 Literary History & Criticism; Collections of poetry, drama, prose

PT 1501 - 3700 Individual Authors or Works, by Time Period:

PT 1501-1695 (ca. 1050-1500)

PT 1701-1797 (ca. 1500-1700)

PT 1799-2592 (ca. 1700-1860/70; Goethe: PT 1891-2239)

PT 2600-2653 (1860/70-1960)

PT 2660-2688 (1961-2000)

PT 2700-3700 (2001-present)

PT 3701-4897 Provincial, Local, Colonial (e.g. East German, Austrian, etc.)

German films may be found under a variety of call numbers depending on the type of film and topic. Only films based on German literary works will be under PT. Search the catalogue using the Advanced Search and limit by type: DVD or video, and language: German. Films are shelved on the ground floor.

Use the Advanced Search option to limit a search by language.

Catalogue Search Tips

Keyword Searching

A keyword search allows you to search for a word, words or a phrase anywhere in the library catalogue record (such as author name or words appearing in the title).

  • It's always a good idea when searching for information on a topic to use multiple search strategies and to account for variations in language, terminology, spelling, etc.

For example: modernism and (theatre or theater)

Starts With or Browse Searching

A Starts With (or Browse) search allows you to browse a list of titles, authors or subject headings that correspond to the information you provide.  This type of search is best used when you are searching for a particular title, author or subject.

Subject searches can be an effective way to find information about an author or topic. 

  • Subject searches use Library of Congress SUBJECT HEADINGS. These are standardized headings assigned to a book to describe what the book is about. A single book may have one or, more likely, several different Subject Headings.
  • Subject headings work pretty much the same way tags work on social networking or photo sharing sites: you can click on a subject heading to find other books on the same or similar topic (the same way you can click on a tag to find more photos of kittens).

To search by Subject in the Library Catalogue, click the Starts With button and then select LC Subject from the drop-down menu.

Useful Subject Headings when searching for information about an author and/or his or her works include:

    Name of author (Last name, first name)
    Name of author (Last name, first name) -- Criticism and interpretation.
    Name of author (Last name, first name). Title of a specific work.

For example:

    Miller, Arthur, 1915-2005.
    Miller, Arthur, 1915-2005 -- Criticism and interpretation.
    Miller, Arthur, 1915-2005 Death of a Salesman.


Search the Library Catalogue

Search the Library Catalogue

Use the Library Catalogue to search for books, ebooks, movies, music and more.

To search for articles, go to the A - Z List of Databases

Keyword Search:

Starts With (Browse Search):

Switch to: Advanced Search | Call Number Search | WorldCat Discovery

Help: About the Library Catalogue | About WorldCat Discovery

Finding Books and Films in German

There are several ways you can find library materials in German:

Using the Library Catalogue, select Advanced Search to limit a keyword search with the language limiter.
e.g. Berlin in SUBJECT and German in LANGUAGE

Use a German keyword.
e.g. Expressionismus in WORDS or PHRASE


To FIND FILMS in German:

Enter (dvd or video$) as keywords and limit to German language.
e.g. (dvd or video$) in WORDS or PHRASE and German in LANGUAGE

You can also enter a keyword in any field and limit by format TYPE.
e.g. Berlin in SUBJECT and dvd in TYPE

To find films where German subtitles are available, include the keyword German.
e.g.  Berlin in SUBJECT and dvd in TYPE and german in WORDS or PHRASE

To exclude music videos, limit to LOCATION: Video Stacks


New Books & Films

Scroll to the bottom of the library homepage to find monthly lists of new books, films and other materials added to the library catalogue.

Recommend a Source

Do you have an excellent book, journal, film or website to suggest? Please email the German Subject Librarian.