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German Subject Guide: Recommended Websites

A guide to key databases, reference & web sources, and research & citation guides for German

Recommended Websites

Gateway Sites

These sites are large, well-organized collections of links to German content on the Internet.

German Studies Web (Western European Specialists Section, Assn of College & Research Libraries)
Provides access to scholarly resources in German studies from all German speaking countries; also includes news and reference sources, search engines, etc.

Germanistik im Netz - Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Germanistik
A collaboration of several German libraries and other organizations, this is the largest site pulling together the best websites, databases, and other collections of material on German language, literature and culture, with search engines to allow searching across the collected sites.

Warwick German Studies Web
Links to many German sites on culture, literature, the former East Germany, language, news, film, and more. See "general sites" and links under the "Subject pages" tab.

German Literature

German Literature Resources (from German Studies Web)
Links to selected single author pages and many more general literature sites.

Germanistik im Internet (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Has information on German authors, their works, literary periods, etc. and links to other German literature sites.

Podcasting Goethe
Recordings of Goethe's early poetry read by a German actor. From Warwick's German Studies Homepage.

German Film

Cinegraph: Lexikon zum deutschsprachigen Film
Selected biographical articles on directors, actors, etc. from the loose-leaf encyclopedia in German accessible through the "Gesamtregister". (For all entries see print volumes: PN 1998 .A2 C5 1984- . Ref.) 
Links lead to many film-related sites, German and other. (by Deutschen Filminstitut -DIF e.V. and CineGraph – Hamburgisches Centrum für Filmforschung e.V.)
A source for reliable, in-depth information on German cinema from its beginnings to the present. New content added regularly. (More information available in German than English.)

Kinoeye Archive Germany
A selection of web resources on German cinema

New York Times Movie Reviews
Free movie review archive of all film reviews published in The New York Times since 1960.


Electronic Texts in German

19th-Century German Stories
Short narrative works, some with English translations, from the late 18th to the end of the 19th centuries.

Die Deutsche Gedichtebibliothek: Gesamtverzeichnis deutschsprachiger Gedichte.
A large searchable collection of poems, some with audio readings.

Deutsches Textarchiv (DTA)
A large, searchable corpus of thousands of cross-disciplinary German-language texts from about 1600 to 1900.

Major Digital Projects (German Studies Web)
Links to collections of online books, newspapers, dictionaries and other digitized German collections.

Projekt Gutenberg - DE.
Has over 8,000 digitized works by over 1,700 authors.

Sophie: A Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women.
A digital collection of writings by women authors from the 1400's to the early 20th century.


Electronic Journals, Magazines, & News Sources in German

Deutsche Welle. Germany’s international broadcaster, with news and current affairs information in English. Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten in German and other German-language learning tools.

German-Language Newspapers and Other News Sources (German Studies Web)
Listing of radio, television, and daily news sources.

German Language Online Newspapers and Magazines (MIT Foreign Languages Lab)
Links to online news and magazines including university student publications.

Historic German Newspapers & Journals Online (EuroDocs)
Links to online collections of historic local and regional newspapers and magazines.

Journals of the German Enlightenment
Digitized collection of 196 literary and other journals. Can be searched with other digital collections from the Bielefeld University Library.

LexisNexis Academic
German Language News sources (including die Allgemeine Zeiting, Berliner Morgenpost, der Spiegel, die Welt, Die Zeit, Stern, and many more) can be searched together. Select "Search by Subject or Topic", then "Foreign Language News".  Click on "A
dvanced Options”, then limit to language: German.

ProQuest Central
Contains some German newspapers, magazines and other content for several years to present. 


See also Find Articles section for links to more online article databases.


Dictionaries and Language Resources


BEOLINGUS. By University of Chemnitz. A German <-> English dictionary with translations and usage examples from the Goethe Institute and EU documents among others. Also provides synonyms, expressions, grammar tips, and pronunciations.

Bildwörterbuch. By QA International.
An illustrated dictionary with over 20,000 terms and definitions, and 6,000 colour illustrations.

Collins German-English and English-German Dictionary online.
Free online version; descriptive information not as detailed as the print. Provides usage examples from published texts.

Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm
Begun in the early 1800's, this is the most comprehensive German dictionary. It took over a hundred years to complete and was designed to cover the German language from the time of Martin Luther to Goethe (c. 1500-mid 1800's). It includes quotations illustrating usage and etymologies.

Linguee. Bilingual English-German / German-English dictionary by German company Linguee GmbH. Provides definitions and pronunciations, with example translations from selected reliable translation sources.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online (OLDO)
Oxford's latest bilingual German-English, English-German dictionary, among others, and additional study materials. (Off-campus)

Oxford Duden German-English Dictionary Electronic Edition, 2000. (In the InteLex Past Masters database.)

PONS Online Dictionary. Free German/English, English/German dictionary by PONS Publishing, Stuttgart.

Wörterbuchnetz. Includes several historical and regional dictionaries which can be searched together.


Grammar & Language Learning

BBC - Learn German with free online lessons. Has audio and video files, quizzes,

German.Net. Has grammar exercises and vocabulary quizzes.

Goethe Institut's Deutsch für dich. Free online exercises and educational games; includes chat function to interact with other learners. Registration is required.

A Review of German Grammar. By Bruce Duncan. Dartmouth College.

Rosetta Stone interactive language lessons. Available to NB residents with a public library card. See NPLS Online Databases


Cultural Information

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Kultur und Wisson online.  This is Germany’s national portal for culture and science. It includes digitized collections and indexing information from cultural and scientific institutions such as libraries, archives, museums, monuments offices, media libraries, universities and other research organizations in Germany.  Includes millions of digitized books, archival material, paintings and other illustrations, sculptures, pieces of music and other sound documents, films and scores.

The millions of digital objects include images include books and other texts, paintings, monuments to movies and music.

EuroDocs: History of Germany: Primary Documents
Links to many digital collections of historical documents, images, sound files, etc.

Europeana Collections (Co-financed by the European Union)
Brings together digitized collections of Europe's cultural heritage. Includes over 50 million items – books, music, artworks and more.  


German-Language Libraries Online

German Libraries (German Studies Web)
Collection of links to library catalogues in Germany and German-speaking countries.

Die Deutsche National Bibliothek
Allows searching several German and other European library catalogues together.

BBB (Bibliotheken, Bücher & Berichte)
Links to university library catalogues by city, special libraries by subject, union catalogues and others.

German-Language Publishers, Video- & Booksellers
Portal for German booksellers since 1997. The most comprehensive database of German books available for sale in Germany.
German subsidiary of

German Language Video Center
Lists German videos for sale in the U.S. Online Store
Over 500 German-language movies and educational videos listed with brief descriptions. Language learning materials in all formats are also available.

German Studies Web: Book Trade & Publishers
Links to book sellers for German-language books, old and new, such as, German Books in Print, etc.

German Search Engines

Deutschsprachige Suchmaschinen
A list of German search engines.

Metager2: metasuche ohne müll
German metasearch engine.
Google Deutschland, (Searches can be limited by language and region; use Advanced Search.)