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Spanish Subject Guide: Find Books & AV

A guide to key databases, reference & web sources, and research & citation guides for Spanish


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Subject and Keyword Searches in the Library Catalogue

When searching the Library Catalogue for critical books (libros críticos) *about* an author and his/her works, you can search by Keyword or by Subject.

What's the difference?

SUBJECT searches are performed using Library of Congress SUBJECT HEADINGS. These work in much the same way as tagging works on Facebook, Flickr, etc.

Subject Headings are standardized terms used by academic libraries across North America to describe what an item is about. A single item (book, film, etc.) may have one or several different Subject Headings.

Useful Subject Headings when searching for information about a specific author or work of literature include:

  • Name of author (Last name, first name)
  • Name of author (Last name, first name) -- Criticism and interpretation.
  • Name of author (Last name, first name). Title of a specific work.

For example: 

  • Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986.
  • Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986--Criticism and interpretation.
  • Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986.

Note that each of the three lines above represents one complete subject heading.

KEYWORD searches allow you to search for a word, words or phrase(s) anywhere in the library catalogue record (author, title, subject, notes, etc.).

Keyword searches also allow you to combine words and phrases using AND, OR, NOT (these are called boolean operators).

The following guide explains how to search effectively using AND, OR, NOT:

Examples of keyword searches:

  • borges and art
  • borges and philosophy
  • philosophy and art and literature

Any of the above keyword searches will find the following title:

Painting Borges : philosophy interpreting art interpreting literature by Jorge J.E. Gracia.

Notice how the keywords can be words from the title or the author's name. Keywords can also be words from the Subject Headings.

Search Tip:

Try starting with a few keyword searches.

Then, once you've found one or more books related to your topic, click on the Catalog Record tab and take a look at the Subject Headings: you can click on each of the subject headings to see a list of all other books in the library that have the same subject headings.

Browsing the subject headings may also give you ideas for additional words to use in your keyword searches.

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