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Contemporary Canadian Govt. & Politics: Public Hearings

Public Hearings

Public hearings may be held by Royal Commissions, Task Forces, and Committees. What was said at the hearings may be transcribed and made public as part of the reports, separately, or not at all. Usually the reports of these bodies just summarize what was said at the hearings.

Finding hearing transcripts:

If you know public hearings were held, look for the hearing transcripts by using the search tools described in  Finding Government Information, in particular library catalogues (common keywords: transcripts, hearings) and the Canadian Research Index. Some of the major Royal Commission public hearings are available on microfilm with their own index. Large research libraries in Canada should have these. If no mention is made of the hearings being included in any reports, on websites, CD-ROM, or in other formats, contact the body that conducted the hearings (or the researchers involved) to determine if the transcripts are available.