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Snow Gallery 2015: Home

Photos of the Big Snow of February 2015

Thanks for your photos!

It's been a long, cold winter. And we hear there's more snow in the forecast! We thought these photos from our snow-bound library staff might brighten your day. After all, misery loves company. And remember: it will all melt by June.

We've Got Snow!

R.P. Bell Library

We're not buried yet...but our photo caption is!

Stairway to R.P. Bell

Path to the Library

Bad snowbanks!

Ice-fog on a Campus Morn

The snow has a sense of humour.

Laura L's house, NS

Gandalf, Walter, and the Six-Foot Lamppost Buried in Snow

Kristian's house, Moncton

Robin Waits out the Blizzard

Laura L's house, NS

House Peeks (Peaks?) Behind Snowbank

David's house, Dieppe

We Stick Together in Baaaad Weather

Georgina's house, Jolicure

Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver

Georgina's house, Jolicure

Mr. CrankyPants and the Big Snow

Georgina's house, Jolicure

There's a Driveway Under There. Really.

Filis's house

Winter Perfection

Georgina's house, Jolicure

I'm Not Going to the Library Today

Filis's house

Oh Canada?

Flag Day (Feb. 15) in Parrsboro, NS

Mount Snowlympus

Laura L's house, NS

And There's More Coming?

Anne L's house, Sackville

Man Bites Snowbank

Georgina's house, Jolicure

Please Say the Snow Shovel Isn't Inside

Anne L's house, Sackville

Hello? Neighbour? Are You Out There?

View from David's house, Dieppe

Laura S., Seamus & the Giant Snowbank

Doncaster's Highfield Farm

Farm near Marc & Laura's house

Hay Bales Under Snow

Near Marc & Laura's house

Roof Collapse

Barn near Marc & Laura's house

Brian & Hannah's Deck

This deck is 6 feet off the ground...

Brian's Retirement Paradise