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A Posy of Lullabies: Two Brown Hares

A selection of English lullabies collected by Peter A. Higham

Two Brown Hares

Below you will find sheet music and lyrics for "Two Brown Hares." Click on the images to enlarge.

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There were two beside the sunny stream,
Little brown hares cunning,
Happy bunnies lively as the breeze!
Up the hillside down among the trees,
What a lot of running!

When at last one flopped his funny ears,
Saying to the other,
“Oh! I hear a hunter’s dreadful gun,
Do not wait but hurry up and run,
Hurry little brother.”

Then the hunter raised his mighty gun,
Aimed and never doubted,
So he shot with such a mighty sound,
Two brown hares went tumbling to the ground,
“Now they’re mine!” he shouted.

When at last the mighty hunter came,
Little brown hares cunning,
Found they were not dead at all that day,
So they [leaped] and scampered far away,
What a lot of running!


Lullaby lyrics recollected by Edna Louie (Holland) Wright; lullaby melodies recalled by Marguerite Elizabeth (Holland) Higham; lullaby accompaniments composed for guitar by Peter Higham.