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French Language & Literature Subject Guide: Reference Sources for French Literature

Reference Sources for French Literature


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Québec and Acadia

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North America

Benson, Eugene, and William Toye, eds.  The Oxford companion to Canadian literature.  2nd ed.  Toronto: Oxford UP, 1997.  PS 8015 .O93 1997 REF

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---.  Canadian writers since 1960.  Dictionary of literary biography.  Detroit: Gale Research, c1986, c1987.  First Series: PS 8081 C58 1986  REF ; Second Series: PS 8081 C59 1987 REF

Women and Literature

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Science Fiction

Lofficier, Jean-Marc, and Randy Lofficier.  French science fiction, fantasy, horror and pulp fiction : a guide to cinema, television, radio, animation, comic books and literature from the middle ages to the present.  Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, c2000.  PQ 637 .F3 L64 2000

Literary Terms

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