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Zotero: Step 4: Write & Cite

A guide to getting started with Zotero

Start Inserting Citations (MS Word for Windows)

  • Open Word and place your cursor where you'd like to add a citation,
  • Select the Add-Ins tab if using MS Word, or otherwise find the Zotero toolbar
  • Click the Zotero Insert Citation icon.

Insert citations

  • The first time you insert a citation in a document you will be required to choose a citation style. You can change the citation style at any time when you are writing.
  • Press OK.

Select citation style

Adding Citations

Additional information can be added to a citation when you first insert it into your paper.

  1. Select the source you wish to cite.
  2. If you want to cite multiple sources together click on the Multiple Sources button to select multiple items together.
  3. Use the Page drop-down menu to add page, figure, paragraph numbers and more.
  4. To add text to the beginning or end of your citation use the Prefix and Suffix boxes.
  5. Press OK to add the citation to your paper.

Adding to citations

Editing Citations

Do you need to edit your citation after adding it? Wait! Do not edit the citation text in the document, edit it in Zotero or by using the Edit Citation feature.  Zotero will keep all your citations up to date for you, even if they appear in multiple places in your paper.

  1. Place your cursor within the citation.
  2. Click the Zotero Edit Citation button.
  3. Add any information necessary.
  4. Click OK.

Editing a citation

  • If you edit citations in the Zotero window while you have your document open, you need to press the Zotero Refresh button to have the changes appear in the document.

Zotero Refresh

Add Your Bibliography

When you are done adding citations, click Insert Bibliography. Zotero will insert a fully-formatted and alphabetized bibliography in whatever style you have previously chosen

Inserting a bibliography