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Government Information & Statistics: International Organizations

Government Information & Statistics -- INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS

Major & Gateway Sites

  • International Organizations and Related Information, by Library & Archives Canada.
    Lists organizations alphabetically.

  • List of IGOs, by Northwestern U. Library.
    An excellent list of links to IGOs.

  • Europa: Gateway to the European Union.
    The European Union's official web site includes links to all bodies of the EU, publications, etc.

  • United Nations.
    The official UN web site. Key sections for researchers, under "Resources and Services": Select: "Documents", "Databases", "Library", or "Maps".

  • World Bank.
    The official site of this organization focussing on development and poverty reduction. Select "Research" to find documents by date, topic, region or country, type or series. Select "Data" for access to the World Bank Data Catalog.

  • World Health Organization.
    The UN specialized agency for health. Select "Publications" for access to reports and other documents. Select "Data and Statistics" for access to the Global Health Observatory, a data repository, country statistics and other statistical reports.

  • World Trade Organization.
    The official site of this global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations.

Law & Legislation

  • Council of Europe Treaties. Has the full text of all Council of Europe treaties, their explanatory reports, the status of signatures and ratifications, declarations and reservations by member states, Treaty Office notifications. Coverage includes ETS (European Treaty Series) from 1949 to 2003, CETS from 2004 to present.
  • EISIL: Electronic Information System for International Law, by ASIL (American Society of International Law).
    A large collection of international law searchable by keyword and organized by broad subject areas.
  • EUR-Lex: The Portal to European Union Law.
    Includes current issues of the Official Journal of the European Communities, as well as EU treaties, and international agreements, legislation in force and in preparation, competition law, case law, and recent judgments by the Court of Justice, Court of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and the European Court of Human Rights.

  • European Parliament Register of Documents.
    From this search screen you can find links to parliamentary debates, committee reports, minutes of proceedings, resolutions, declarations, etc. Search by document type, author, dates or keywords.

  • GLIN (Global Legal Information Network).
    By the Law Library of Congress, this is a database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions and other legal sources in their original languages from government agencies and ILOs around the world. The texts and English summaries are searchable by keywords or using the Subject Term Index.

  • LII/Legal Information Institute: Law by Source: Global.
    A collection of international law.

  • United Nations Treaty Collection
    Select UNTS (UN Treaty Series) for access to treaties and international agreements filed with the UN Secretariat sinece 1946 and to see the status of treaties. The full text of the treaty collection can be searched by keyword, title, participant, date and action. This site also links to the UN Rule of Law web site and related databases and documents.


  • Eurostat. By the European Commission.
    This is the official statistical office of the European Union. Its mission is to provide high quality statistics at the European level.
  • Official Statistical Organizations. By UNECE.
    Links to official statistical organizations in the UNECE Region. Includes national, UN, UN Regional commissions, IOs and NGOs.

  • UNdata
    The United Nations compiles statistics from its member countries on social, economic, demographic, industry, government and environmental issues. This site provides access to UN statistical databases by topic and by country. Country Profiles include statistics on population, economic and social indicators, environment and trade.
  • World Bank Open Data
    The World Bank collects data from its member countries covering topics such as agriculture, aid, eduction, environment, energy and mining, health, economic policy, poverty, labour, science and technology, social and urban development. The Data Catalog provides access to thousands of indicators from World Bank data sets. Data on this web site are a subset of the Word Bank's Data Bank time series data.

See also Other Countries -- Statistics.

Finding Aids

  • European Parliament Register of Documents Search
    To see the documents available click on "Document Type".

  • Finding U.S. and International Statistics
    A subject-based list of the major online sources for statistical information, by Laine Ruus, U. of Toronto Data Librarian. (Note: Where access restrictions apply, please contact the Mount Allison Library Research Help Desk.)

  • IGO Search
    By the Union of International Associations. A very basic search engine that allows you to search the web sites of all IGOs (over 3,000) identified by the UIA in their Yearbook of International Organizations.

  • United Nations Official Document System (ODS)
    This search engine provides access to the full text of UN official documents from 1993 on (earlier being added regularly) and resolutions from 1946 on. Official documents include those related to meetings of the General Assembly and its subsidiary bodies, conferences and other meetings sponsored by the UN, resolutions and decisions. "Sales" publications can be searched at
  • United Nations Digital Library (formerly UNBISNET Catalogue)
    Provides metadata for print documents and links to electronic UN documents from 1979 to the present, voting records from 1946 on and speeches from 1983 on.

Research Guides

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Featured Publications


The 2019 Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)  is the most comprehensive ever completed. It is the first intergovernmental report of its kind and builds on the landmark Millennium Ecosystem Assessment of 2005. Compiled by 145 expert authors from 50 countries over the past three years, with inputs from another 310 contributing authors, the Report assesses changes over the past five decades and offers a range of possible scenarios for the coming decades. Summary released in April 2019. The full report is due later in the year.


A Deadly Journey for Children: The Central Mediterranean Migration Route. This report by UNICEF documents some of the issues  refugee and migrant children and women transiting the Central Mediterranean migration route from North Africa to Europe are facing. and outlines UNICEF's call to action for implementation of a six-point plan to keep refugee and migrant children and women safe.