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Government Information & Statistics: Canada

Government Information & Statistics -- CANADA

Law & Legislation

Statistics & Data

North American Industry Classification System.
This page leads to a detailed listing of NAICS codes for industries, concordance tables to previous versions, and international standards.

Standard Product Classifications.
Links to a variety of classification standards used by Statistics Canada to collect data on good and services.

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC).
Statistics Canada's classification for geographical areas in Canada. Vol. 1 has an alphabetical index of place names and describes the classification and standard areas. Vol. 2 has reference maps showing the location and boundaries of the standard geographical areas.


Open Data New Brunswick

Open Data Portal, Government of Canada


Maps/Geospatial Data

Printed maps and atlases produced by the Canadian government include hydrographic charts, topographic maps, geological and soil survey maps, census and electoral boundary maps, etc. Not all are listed here. Some maps accompanying publications can be found using the online library catalogue. Others, like the topographic maps have their own index in the map cabinets. R.P. Bell Library, Basement. For assistance ask at the Research Help Desk.

Major digital map and geospatial data sets:

  • By Natural Resources Canada, this online version of the Atlas allows you to create and print customized maps. The  “Reference Maps” page lists provincial, national and international maps suitable for printing (in .jpeg or .pdf formats). Includes base and relief maps, maps showing lakes and rivers, location of cities, political boundaries, historical Indian treaties, drainage, federal elections, parks, time zones, etc. Also links to Toporama with access to topographic maps.
  • Canadian Geographical Names
    An interactive web site that shows the location of current, officially approved placenames by province and local administrative boundaries and geographic coordinates. Names include land, water and undersea features, cities, towns, etc. See also Geobase.
  • Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer Hub. Statistics Canada
    Allows you to search through thousands of Statistics Canada indicators down to the level of dissemination areas and create a custom map, export data to Excel or a shapefile.
    • Canadian Digital Elevation Data
      - ground elevations at regularly spaced intervals from 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 NTDB and provincial sources

    • Canadian Geodetic Network
      - horizontal and vertical geodetic control information (geographic and UTM coordinates, etc.), for thousands of points across Canada.

    • Canadian Geographical Names, (CGN)
      - a subset of the Canadian Geographical Names Database, shows the location of current, officially approved placenames by province and local administrative boundaries and geographic coordinates. Names include land, water and undersea features, cities, towns, etc.
      - available in GML and ESRI shape files; free viewers provided

    • Land Cover
      - circa 2000.

    • National Hydro Network (NHN)
      - provides geospatial data describing Canada's inland surface waters

    • National Power Line Network and National Railway Network in progress.

    • National Road Network (NRN)
      - Level 1 NRN (NRNC1) is the representation of a continuous centerline for all non-restricted use roads in Canada.

    • Satellite Imagery
      - includes Geobase, Landsat and Radarsat orthoimages with the least amount of distortion (geometrically corrected) and the control points used in orthorectification.

      For additional information on the GeoBase Portal and NRCan data see NRCan's Earth Sciences site.

  • Provides Canadian geospatial data free online: Landsat and RADARSAT images, atlas vectors, earth observation data and vector/tabular data including federal electoral boundaries, Census data, Canadian and North American Conservation Areas databases, Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED), National Topographic Database (NTDB) at 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 CanImage, 1:50,000 & 1:250,000 vector data (with natural and cultural features) for all of Canada (includes 13 themes: hydrography, elevation, road network, etc.) and the Canada Land Inventory (CLI) with over 1,000 mapsheets at 1:250,000 showing land use and land capability for agriculture, forestry, recreation, wildlife, and outdoor recreation.
  • Geological Survey of Canada
    Maps and series of publications with maps show surficial materials, etc. Print copies in R.P.Bell Library, Government Documents: CA1 MS29 ...
    Finding Aid: Search for these and other GSC maps on the GEOSCAN Database the NRCan Earth Sciences Sector database of maps and publications.
  • This site combines high-resolution aerial photos of the entire province of New Brunswick, property boundaries, property assessment and civic address information, Dept. of Transportation road network data, geographic elevations, weather data, streams and hydrographic detail with distance measurement, search capabilities, map viewer, and the ability to print custom maps. Content includes the New Brunswick Atlas in 94 pdf files, themes: Crown land, electoral boundaries, planning commissions, military bases, First Nations lands, LSDs, wetlands, etc. More content added regularly. (See also New Brunswick Dept. of Natural Resources and Service New Brunswick Digital Spatial Data Products below.)
  • Natural Resources Canada
    NRCan's Maps, Tools and Publications page links to a variety of maps including international boundaries, energy, forest, Canada Lands Survey, geoscience and topographical maps, as well as geomapping tools and applications and related information. Digital topographic data also available through the GeoGratis web site. National Topographic Database map index and maps also available online at Toporama. Print copies of some topographical maps in R.P.Bell Library map cabinets.
  • New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources
    Mount Allison University receives DNR geospatial files under agreement with DNR for use in teaching and academic research only. Layers available include:
    - Buffer coverages from 2002 Management Plans for Crown lands;
    - Deer wintering areas (DWA) landbase for Crown land as finalized for the 2002 Crown Management Plans for Crown Timber Licences;
    - Ecosite coverages (shows ecological classification including ecoregion, ecodistrict, ecosection and ecosite classifications);
    - Forest Development Survey (complete coverage of the province except for restricted land ownership);
    - Holder coverages (holder information as found in forest layer (NOTE: Does not match SNB info.);
    - Line coverages (single line features including roads, streams, transmission lines and railways, as determined through the DNR interpretation process);
    - Old Spruce-Fir Habitat (OSFH) blocks for Crown lands;
    - Soils and drainage classes for NB.
    Support files available at:
    For access, Mount Allison students, faculty and staff please contact Stephen Geier, Data Librarian.
  • Service New Brunswick Digital Spatial Data Products
    Mount Allison University receives the following SNB geospatial data files under agreement with SNB for use in teaching and academic research only:
    • Digital Property Database (‘snapshot’ version)
      -property mapping data; includes property map files, parcel index files, and assessment files
      NOTE: To access the current, dynamically updated version contact SNB directly
    • Landsat Imagery of NB (from federal government)>
    • NB GeoCalc>
    • NB Grid shift files
    • Softcopy Orthophoto Database (SODB)
      - colour photomap series in compressed format
      - support files available: CARIS, user’s guide, MrSID viewer free to download
    • Survey Monuments CD
      - listing, location and sketches for existing survey monuments in NB

Support files available at: <> For access, Mount Allison students, faculty and staff only, please contact Stephen Geier, Data Librarian.

  • Statistics Canada
    Access to selected maps, data, reference material and related information based on Census geography is through the Census Geography page. Content and formats vary by Census year. Not all Census years are available on the website. (See also the Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer Hub and print collection.)

    DLI (Data Liberation Initiative). Geography files in ArcInfo and MapInfo formats are available from Census years 1981 to the latest. These include cartographic boundary files, road network files, and skeletal road network files. Level of geography and coverage available varies by Census year. Public use microdata files for major Statistics Canada surveys with a geospatial component are also available. For access to these files: Mount Allison students, faculty and staff only, please contact: Stephen Geier, Data Librarian. More information on the DLI.

Finding Aids

  • Mount Allison University Library Online Catalogue
    Use to find selected government documents available online and in the library.

  • Voilà, Canada's National Union Catalogue (formerly AMICUS)
    Includes the holdings of over a thousand Canadian libraries, many of them government libraries. To limit your search just to federal government publications search the Federal Publication Locator, a subset of Aurora, LAC's catalogue.
  • Library and Archives Canada Search
    The "Search All" feature includes the National Library, Archives, image search and genealogy search.  Each can be searched separately as well.
  • Legislative Library of New Brunswick Catalogue
    The largest collection of New Brunswick material.
  • GALLOP Portal, (Government & Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal) 
    This database by APLIC, the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada, provides access to selected online government and legislative publications held by most Canadian provincial and territorial legislative libraries and federal documents from the Depository Services Program listing at Searches can be limited by jurisdiction. (Does not include PEI, Nunavut or Yukon.)
  • Canadian Research Index
    Indexes federal, provincial and municipal documents from Canadian jurisdictions, reports by research Institutes and government laboratories, Statistics Canada publications and more. Indexed: 1900 - current.  (A ProQuest database.)
  • Government of Canada Publications Catalogue
    A catalogue and online archive of Canadian federal government publications identified by the Publishing and Depository Services Directorate. 
  • Government of Canada Web Archive
    Contains federal government web pages that are no longer available to the public. Searchable by organization name and URL.
  • Internet Archive Canada -- Canadian Government Publications Portal  
    Contains thousands of digitized Canadian government publications, mostly historical.

  • LEGISinfo
    An excellent research tool for finding information on legislation currently before Parliament. By the Library of Parliament.

  • Canadian Legal Information Institute (CANLII)
    This not-for-profit organization provides one-window access to legislation (statutes and regulations), and legal decisions from courts, boards, panels and councils, from Canadian federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions. The search engine can be used to search all sources together, by jurisdiction or document type.
  • Federal Science Library Catalogue
    Catalogue for seven federal government science librariies: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada, National Research Council Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada.
  • NRC Publications Archive
    An institutional repository of technical reports, conference publications, articles, and more, authored by the National Research Council Canada.
  • Finding Canadian Statistics
    The best guide to Canadian and other statistical data for all subjects, originally by Laine Ruus, U. of Toronto Data Librarian. (Note: Where access restrictions apply, please contact the Mount Allison Library Research Help Desk.)
  • Statistics Canada Library Catalogue
    Statistics Canada's Online Library Catalogue includes the complete collection of Statistics Canada's documents in print and electronic form, including research papers, working papers and internal documents from 1918 on, as well as publications from other sources.


Research Guides


Special & Historical Collections

  • Aboriginal Heritage. Library and Archives Canada collection of digitized materials in many formats documenting the history of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada.
  • Cabinet Conclusions. Searchable collection of selected Cabinet Conclusions (records that summarize discussions and decisions of federal Cabinet meetings) from 1944-1979.

  • Canadiana Online Government Publications Collection
  • Census of Canada Report Locator: 1851-1951Census publications from 1851 to 1951 with links to electronic copies found in the Internet Archive when available. The reports are from the Historical Catalogue of Statistics Canada Publications, 1918-1980 (11-512). List created by Durkin, Kelly; Everall, Kyla; Fisher, Luisa; Galvin-Grant, Victoria; Kingston, Kathryn; Wadden, Joanne.

  • Completed Access to Information Requests. Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests to find information about ATI requests previously made to the Government of Canada. If you find a summary of interest, you can request a copy of the records at no cost. Some provincial governments also provide access to previously requested information:  British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia (last 3 years only)

Global Affairs Canada Digital Library. Digitized departmental publications include Communiqués, Statements and Speeches, annual reports, etc.

Internet Archive Canada -- Canadian Government Publications Portal  
Contains thousands of digitized Canadian government publications, mostly historical.

Featured Publications

Canada's Changing Climate Report, Government of Canada, 2019.

The first in-depth, stand-alone assessment of how and why Canada’s climate has changed, and what changes are projected for the future. By scientists from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Natural Resources Canada, and university experts.

Conserving Biodiversity : Independent Auditor's Report. Spring 2018, Report 3.This audit by Canada's Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development focused on whether Environment and Climate Change Canada provided national leadership and coordination to conserve Canada’s biodiversity, and whether responsible federal departments and agencies were working to meet selected biodiversity conservation targets.The audit found serious shortcomings.