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Canadian Govt. & Politics: Government & Political Party Finance

Government and Political Party Finance: Introduction

Governments and political parties require funding to exist and do their work. How governments and political parties raise, manage and spend public and donated funds should be of concern to all citizens, and must be transparent to citizens so governments can be held accountable and political power cannot be bought. The resources highlighted here should be useful to anyone wanting to learn more about these issues and the processes involved. They include aspects of public sector economics, government economic and fiscal policy, electoral and political party financing.

NOTE: The general sources for contemporary Canadian Government and Politics covered in the main portion of this guide should also be used for this topic. The more specialized sources listed here provide additional information. 


Clarification and Direction: Finding the Facts

  • Definitions 
  • Facts & Figures (General, Dates, People, Statistics)
  • Overview and Background Information (Encyclopedias, Annual Reviews, Textbooks, Parliamentary and Legislative Research Papers)


Finding and Evaluating Sources

  • Finding Sources (Core Journals, Indexes, Books and other Academic Work, Current Events/News, Government Information, Political Party Information, Research Organizations, Videos)
  • Evaluating Sources

Primary Source Material

  • Selected Key Resources (What Was Said, What Was Written, Personal Papers, Recorded Images, What is Happening Now)