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Canadian Govt. & Politics: Provincial/Local — Bibliographies

Provincial/Territorial and Local Government & Politics: Bibliographies

Many provinces and territories have substantial bibliographies on all aspects of their province or territory. To find these, search your library catalogue using the subject heading: [name of province] -- Bibliography (e.g. Ontario -- Bibliography). Some of the core journals also include ongoing bibliographies (e.g. Acadiensis, BC Studies, etc.) Bibliographies of specific kinds of materials such as government documents, are covered in Finding - Government Information, or when designed to find even more specific types of sources, such as Royal Commissions, they are covered in Primary Sources & Their Finding Aids. Listed here are bibliographies that are specific to contemporary provincial, territorial and local government and politics in Canada, or provide easy access to materials on this topic. The broader sources in the main Bibliography section of this guide should also be consulted.

Bibliographies thématiques de la Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée Nationale du Québec.

Description: The Library published dozens of online bibliographies on topics relevant to members of the National Assembly, such as: public administration, elections, public finance, parliamentary government, politics, international relations, etc. Some, like these sample titles, include detailed annotations:
Sample titles: Le Parti libéral du Québec: bibliographie (1867-2006), 291 p. and Le Parti québécois: bibliographie 1968-2007, 256 p., both by Michel Lêvesque and Martin Pelletier.
Coverage: Some aim to be comprehensive, some selective.
Include: Most include a wide variety of sources: Books, book chapters, theses, government documents, documents created by political parties and journal articles.
Tip: Find these by searching the Union Catalogue Voilà with bibliographie in title and the Bibliothèque as author.

A Bibliography on Local Government in British Columbia. B.C. Ministry of Community Services, 1999 with occasional updates. Archived 2007. Based on the 1989 edition by Dianne Crossley. 69 p.

Description: Sources covered include local government in Canada and in B.C. in general, and sources organized by about a dozen themes such as politics, law, finance, services, native self-government, etc. The focus is on published, policy-oriented materials "of broad and lasting interest".
Coverage: Selective. 1945 on, although the majority of references are from the 1960's to 1988. Includes some updates and revisions to the 1989 version; more are expected.
Includes: Emphasis is on academic books and journals, although some popular works are included when significant or providing coverage of an issue not covered in academic sources, also government documents and theses.

Municipal Government and Finance: An Annotated Bibliography. By A. Black and M. Powell. Ottawa: Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 1971. 230 p.

Description: Detailed annotations describe Canadian materials organized by subject categories covering municipal finance, intergovernmental relations, government structure, administrative organization, metropolitan and regional government, etc.
Coverage: Comprehensive for Canadian publications written between 1960 and 1970.
Includes: Books, articles, theses and government publications.
Tip: Preface in English and French. Annotations written in the language of the title.

Newfoundland Periodical Article Bibliography (PAB). By Joan Ritcey, Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University Libraries.

Description: A searchable bibliography on all aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador, with most entries from English-language journals and magazines published in Newfoundland, Canada, Great Britain or the U.S. Includes thousands of articles on Newfoundland government and politics.
Coverage: Over 70,000 articles from 1668 to the present.
Includes: Articles and book reviews.
Tips: Searchable by author, article or journal title, date, keyword and subject heading.

Nunavut: An Annotated Bibliography. By Elaine Simpson, Linda Seale and Robin Minion. Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute and University of Alberta Library, 1994. 168 p.

Description: This bibliography covers the political concept of Nunavut to December 1993. It is organized into 7 sections including general overviews, comparative studies, and several historical periods.
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Published documents and grey literature, records of court cases, legislation, Royal Commission and other government reports, position papers and proposals from native and government organizations, journal articles, conference proceedings, theses and chapters of books. Does not include newspaper articles.
Tips: Has an author and a title index. Appendices include a chronology of events in the formation of Nunavut. Companion to the Nunavut Atlas.

Québec 1940-1969 Bibliographie: le systéme politique Québécois et son environnement. By Robert Boily. Montreal: les Presses de l'université de Montreal, 1971. 208 p.

Description: A bibliography on politics in Quebec organized in 3 parts: Part 1: Environment (social, economic, geographic, covers Quebec society, general studies, nationalism, etc.) Part 2: Political Institutions (provincial and local government), and Part 3: Political Life (historical events, attitudes, political parties and other players).
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Mainly books, journals articles and theses.
Tips: Annexes include author and theme indexes, a list of Commissions of Inquiry in Quebec 1867-1968, etc. This bibliography is updated by Québec 1968-1982: bibliographie sélective. By Roymond Laberge. In Bulletin de la Bibliothéque de l'Assemblée Nationale du Québec, v. 123, no. 1, Jan. 1983.

Urban and Regional References, 1945-1969. Ottawa: Canadian Council on Urban and Regional Research, 1970. 796 p. (and annual supplements: 1970-1976.)

Description: An annotated bibliography of urban affairs organized into eight sections by subject. Section 6: Government and Administration. Entries are in English or French based on the language of the source.
Coverage: World War II to 1976 (with the supplements) and a few earlier entries.
Includes: Publications issued in Canada by government or non-governmental sources in the field of urban planning and development.
Tips: Has author and geographical indexes.