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Canadian Govt. & Politics: International Relations — Bibliographies

International Relations: Bibliographies

The following are bibliographies that specifically cover Canada's international relations since 1945. These should be consulted in addition to the sources in the main Bibliography section of this guide.

A Bibliography of Works on Canadian Foreign Relations 1945-1995. By various authors. Toronto: Canadian Institute of International Relations. 6 vols: 1945-1970, 1971-1975, 1976-1980, 1981-1985, 1986-1990, 1991-1995. Continued by Canadian Foreign Relations Index. See description: Indexes.

Description: The key bibliography for this topic. It covers Canadian and foreign material on Canadian foreign relations including defence, economic relations, foreign aid, international law and international environmental issues.
Coverage: 1945-1995. Selective but extensive, with thousands of entries in each volume.
Includes: Books, chapters from edited works, journal articles, government documents, conference papers.
Tips: Organized by subject. Each volume has name and subject indexes. No annotations.

Canada's External Relations 1600 - 1969: A Bibliography. By Claude Thibault. Thesis. New York: University of Rochester, 1972. 969 p.

Description: This extensive bibliography lists 10,867 items on Canada's external relations. They are organized chronologically and by topic.
Coverage: Intended to be comprehensive.
Includes: Books, journal articles and theses.
Tips: Part 5 covers 1939-1969. Includes a subject index and detailed table of contents. No annotations.

Canadian Foreign Policy. By Adam Chapnick and Jean-Christoph Boucher. Oxford Bibliographies Online series. 2016 - . (Continuously updated.) Available by subscription.

Description: Intended to guide users to the highest quality resources. Includes annotations putting the resources in context.
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Books, journal articles, data sets.

Canadian Foreign Policy: A Bibliography. By Osvaldo Croci. Memorial University. Last updated: Sept. 2017. 124 p.

Description: This extensive bibliography by a political science professor lists thousands of sources on Canada's external relations. They are organized by document type and by topic. Has a table of contents. No annotations.
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Books, journal articles, government documents, and theses. Some French-language sources.

Canadian Military Experience, 1867-1995: A Bibliography. 3rd ed. By O. A. Cooke. Ottawa: Directorate of History, Dept. of National Defence, 1997. 520 p.

Description: A bibliography of publications covering defence policy and more general works, and naval, land and air forces, organized by time period.
Coverage: Selective. Limited to publications with mainly Canadian and military content.
Includes: Books and journals (not articles), pamphlets, government publications, in English and French.
Tips: Includes index by subject, person, branch of service, formations and units. No annotations.

Gender and International Trade: An Annotated Bibliography. By Chantal Blouin. Status of Women Canada, 2002. 33 p.

Description: Commissioned by the Status of Women Canada to identify key sources of information on the differing impact international trade agreements have on women and men. The six topic sections are divided into Canadian and international sources. Annotations are detailed.
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Books, book chapters, articles research papers, government publications, conference papers and more.

A NAFTA Bibliography. Compiled by Allen Metz. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1996. 491 p.

Description: This annotated bibliography covers the North American Free Trade Agreement including events leading up to the agreement, votes in Congress, analyses, political aspects, etc. It is divided into three major parts based on the format of the sources, then by sections based on topic.
Coverage: Late 1980's to 1995.
Includes: Journals, magazines, newspapers, books, pamphlets, government publications, theses, online databases, audio-visual materials and Internet sites. Most sources are American.
Tips: Has subject and author indexes.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): A Bibliography. Comp. and ed. by David Milne. Ottawa: External Affairs & International Trade Canada, 1993. 156 p.

Description: A bilingual (English and French) bibliography of materials on all aspects of the agreement.
Coverage: Items in the External Affairs and International Trade Library at the time of publication.
Includes: Books, government publications, articles.
Tips: No annotations.

A Reading Guide to Canada in World Affairs, 1945-1971. By Laurence Motiuk and Madeline Grant. Toronto: Canadian Institute of International Affairs, 1972. 313 p.

Description: A useful bibliography for finding articles on Canada's external relations from well known Canadian and international journals, magazines and other sources for years not well covered by online indexes.
Coverage: Selective. Approximately 5,000 entries.
Includes: Books, articles, theses, government publications.
Tips: Entries are organized by subject categories: 1: Foreign policy, foreign relations and external affairs, 2: Defence policy, 3: Economic policies and relations. Has an author index. No annotations.

Les Relations Internationales du Québec 1961-1992: Une Compilation Bibliographique. By Manon Tessier. Quebec: Centre québécois de relations internationales, département de science politique, Université Laval, 1992. 64 p.

Description: A bibliography covering thirty years of Quebec's foreign relations. Chapter headings include: "Multinational Relations", "Quebec and the Francophonie", "Other Multilateral Organizations", "Bilateral Relations", "France: A Special Partner".
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Books, articles, government publications.