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Canadian Govt. & Politics: Women — Bibliographies

Women in Contemporary Canadian Government & Politics: Bibliographies

The following are bibliographies that specifically cover women in contemporary Canadian government and politics. These should be consulted in addition to the sources in the main Bibliography section of this guide.

Changing Women, Changing History: A Bibliography of the History of Women in Canada. By Diane Pedersen. 2nd ed. Women's Experience Series #9. Ottawa: McGill-Queen's U. Press, 1996. 253 p.

Description: Covers all aspects of women's history, including politics. Sources are not annotated.
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Books and journal articles.
Tips: The "Politics" section is organized into two main parts: Biographies/Memoirs, and Political Participation.

A Woman's Place is in the House... of Commons: An Annotated Bibliography. By Cynthia Brumpton. Toronto: Cynthia Brumpton, 1988. 42 p.

Description: A bibliography of works about female Members of Parliament. Also has a list of female Members 1921–1984 and a section on works authored by them.
Coverage: Selective.
Includes: Books and articles.

Women in Canada: A Bibliography, 1965-1982. By Carol Mazur and Sheila Pepper. 3rd ed. Toronto: OISE Press, 1984. 377 p.

Description: This is a broad bibliography covering all topics relevant to women's studies in Canada.
Coverage: 1965-1982.
Includes: Journal and magazine articles, theses, government publications, book chapters and other print sources. No audiovisual materials.
Tips: Organized by topic. See "Politicians", "Politics", "Political Parties", "Political Science" or "Government".

Women in Canadian Politics & Government, 1974–1993. Bibliographies Series no. 32. Ottawa: Information & Documentation Branch, Library of Parliament, 1993. Online resource; no working URL. Previous ed. print, 57 p.

Description: Updated several times, lists over 300 items.
Coverage: 1974-1993 (with a few items dating earlier than 1974).
Includes: English and French-language books, articles, conference papers and government publications, nearly all Canadian.

Tips: This bibliography updates Swanick's Women in Canadian Politics & Government: A Bibliography. Includes some items published before 1974 not found in Swanick's.

Women in Canadian Politics & Government: A Bibliography. By Lynne Struthers Swanick. Monticello, Ill: Council of Planning Librarians, 1974. 29 p.

Description: Entries have no annotations. Also has a list of government bodies "concerned with women in Canada". (p.2)
Coverage: Selective. 1902-1974.
Includes: Articles, books, theses and other documents.

Tips: Has a brief subject index.

"Women in Canadian Politics Since 1945: A Bibliography". By Wendy Feldman. In: Resources for Feminist Research. Vol. 8, no. 1 (March 1979): p. 38–42.

Description: This 5-page bibliography groups references under federal, provincial and local politics, general and individual biographies, bibliographies, periodicals and action.
Coverage: 1945-1978.
Includes: Films, theses, government reports, audio tapes, speeches, etc.

Women in Politics: A Bibliography. By Byron King Plant, Legislative Library of British Columbia. Current Issues. Jan. 2010. 11 p.

Description: Lists sources on women's political participation in B.C. and Canada.
Coverage: 19715-2010.
Includes: B
ooks, articles, government documents, theses, conference papers, pamphlets, etc. available at or through the Legislative Library.

Women in Politics Bibliographic Database. By the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Description: This is an online searchable bibliography compiled by the IPU - an organization of parliaments of sovereign states established in 1889 and the United Nations Development Porgram (UNDP). The topic is women's participation in political life in Canada and around the world.
Coverage: 1948 - 2015.
Includes: Over 1,000 references, some annotated, of books, newspaper and journal articles in several languages.
Tips: Searches can be limited by language, country, region, date, periodical title, author, type of document, organization, and subject keywords.