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Contemporary Canadian Govt. & Politics: A Research Guide: Clarifying


Getting an overview of the topic, background information, facts and figures, definitions, dates, names and places that are key to the topic, can save a researcher a lot of time and frustration if done at the beginning of a research project. The following reference sources can provide you with a clear summary of specific topics and a basic understanding of the issues related to them. These kinds of sources can help you define or limit the scope of your topic and they provide the terminology and key facts you will use throughout the rest of the research process. Although this is a good starting point, you may also need to consult these sources at other times during your research, for example to clarify the meaning of terms, or to find facts that support an argument or thesis you hadn't thought of in the beginning.

Definitions Dictionaries & Glossaries
Facts & Figures
- General Facts about Canadian Government & Politics 
- Dates 
- People 
- Places 
- Statistics 

- Almanacs, Directories, Handbooks of Election Results, etc. 
- Chronologies 
- Biographical Sources 
- Maps, Gazeteers 
- Statistics Canada Sources, etc. 
Overview & Background Information Encyclopedias
Annual reviews
Parliamentary and Legislative research papers