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Early Mount Allison Papers: Allisonia (1903-1914)

A virtual exhibition that pays tribute to generations of student journalism on campus.

Allisonia (1903-1914)

The Eclectic Society, established in 1874, was a literary society similar to the Eurhetorians composed of members of the Mount Allison Ladies' College. The primary goal of the Eclectic Society was the development of its members' elocutionary and literary skills, which included the publication of number of journals, though its most well-known was Allisonia. It commenced publication in November 1903 under editor Lena Evans Tait.

The goal of this publication is described on page one of the first edition:

"Allisonia is intended to serve as a tie between the student of to-day and the student of yesterday, and to husband the love for her Mount Allison home in the heart of the old student, by keeping her in touch with the every day life of the college." 

It typically covered a variety of information about activities and events taking place at the Ladies' College. As was common with such college publications, Allisonia contained details of not only the institution but about attending students as well. Membership in the Eclectic Society would have been a coveted opportunity for students at the Ladies' College. In addition to publishing Allisonia, the society also organized various activities, particularly 'At Home' social events which were important functions on the Mount Allison calendar.

Allisonia effectively ended its publication run in 1914, when it was integrated into The Argosy. The editorial in the final issue of Allisonia noted that:

"Co-operation must always mean added strength and it cannot be otherwise than that this new magazine should be bigger and of better quality than either of the two papers published separately." (May 1914, vol. XI, no. 4, p. 106)

The Eclectic Society continued to contribute to The Argosy until December 1919 when it was replaced by the Gamma Delta literary society.

Allisonia Staff, 1905-06

Allisonia Staff, 1909-10