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Early Mount Allison Papers: The weekly Argosy (1922-1977)

A virtual exhibition that pays tribute to generations of student journalism on campus.

The Argosy (1872 - 2022)

The weekly Argosy

In October 1922, the monthly issues of The Argosy were replaced by two new iterations: The Argosy Weekly and The Tri-Annual Argosy.

Allisonia, a publication by the Ladies' College's Eclectic Society, had been integrated into the Argosy in 1914. This was due in part to the outbreak of the First World War; there were fewer male students to contribute to the Argosy, so a merger with Allisonia was arranged. 

By 1922, this hybrid (which had retained The Argosy as its name) was published as a collaboration between three literary societies: the university's Eurhetorian and Alpha Beta societies, and the Ladies' College's Gamma Delta Society (which had superseded the Eclectic Society in 1919). Despite this, the monthly Argosy continued to focus more heavily on the University and did not engage adequately with other institutions on campus. Its publication also lacked financial security and often relied on grants and fundraising. The 1922 change in format to two different iterations with distinct specializations was intended to address these problems by attracting more income from advertisers while reaching a wider audience.

The Argosy Weekly was the most akin to a newspaper, featuring reports on current events on and around campus. Whereas the monthly Argosy focused on news pertaining to the university, The Argosy Weekly set out to better represent the Mount Allison Ladies' College, Mount Allison Academy, and Commercial College. 

The Tri-Annual Argosy would have functioned as a literary magazine dominated by contributions from alumni and professors, only publishing submissions from students that were "of a high order." It was promoted as "a literary magazine containing articles on present day problems and events."

Below, you will find the first iteration of the Argosy Weekly, which opens with a brief editorial note about the change of format.

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