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Early Mount Allison Papers: Home

A virtual exhibition that pays tribute to generations of student journalism on campus.


Welcome to this virtual exhibition, which pays tribute to 175 years of student journalism at Mount Allison to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Argosy (1872-2022).

Explore past issues of the Argosy as well as other campus papers, such as the Mount Allison Academic GazetteEclectic Journal, and Allisonia, with help from the Mount Allison University Archives. Featured articles include reflections on the development and evolution of these papers from various points of reference. Images peppered throughout the exhibition provide a small selection of their prolific runs, and you will also find links to digitized versions of each paper.

William Morley Tweedie's article Early Mount Allison Papers below provides an excellent introduction to the topic of early Mount Allison papers. It was written in 1940, when such publications were already a well-established tradition of the Mount Allison institutions. 

To navigate the exhibition, select one of the tabs at the top for a general overview of each topic, or see the drop-down menus for more detailed information about each publication.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the early history of publications at Mount Allison.

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Read the full centennial anniversary issue of The Argosy (vol. LXVI, No. 18, March 9, 1940):