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Music Subject Guide: Cello

Browsing by Call Number

Browsing the shelves by the appropriate “LC” call number can be an effective way to explore our printed music collections and our books about music and musical instruments. Here are some classification numbers you will want to know about.

Searching the Catalogue by Subject Heading

Another good way to explore is to search the library catalogue by subject. Here are a few examples of useful subject headings for cello music and works about the cello.

Call numbers for cello

M 50 – M 54 Music for solo cello (unaccompanied)
M 229 – M 236 Music for cello and keyboard instrument
M 286 – M 287

Duets for two stringed instruments (e.g. 2 cellos; cello & violin)

M 290 – M 291 Duets for one stringed and one wind instrument  (e.g. cello and clarinet)
M 310 – M 344 Trios for various instruments with keyboard, including trio sonatas with continuo
M 349 – M 353 Trios for stringed instruments
M 412 Quartets: piano, violin, viola, cello
M 452 String quartets (2 violins, viola, cello)
M 512 Quintets (piano, 2 violins, viola, cello)
M 550 – M 554 String quintets
M 1016 Cello with orchestra
M 1017 Cello with orchestra – piano reduction
M 1116 Cello with string orchestra
M 1117 Cello with string orchestra – piano reduction
MT 259 Instruction, Study, & Teaching Materials for Strings (general)
MT 300 – MT 318 Instruction, Study, & Teaching Materials for Cello
ML 750 – ML 756 Books about stringed instruments and their music
ML 910 – ML 915 Books about the cello and its music
ML 27 .U58 A51 Current journal for strings (American String Teacher)

Subject headings for cello

For unaccompanied solo music Cello Music
  Sonatas (Cello)
  Suites (Cello)
For cello with piano Cello and piano music
  Cello and piano music, arranged
  Concertos (Cello) – Solo with piano
  Sonatas (Cello and piano)
For ensembles including cello Cello music (Cellos (2))
  String trios [for ensembles of violin, viola, cello]
  String quartets [for ensembles of 2 violins, viola, cello]
  Piano trios [for ensembles of piano, violin, cello]
  Piano quartets [for ensembles of piano, violin, viola, cello]
For materials on the study & teaching of the cello Cello – Methods
  Cello – Orchestral excerpts
  Cello– Studies and exercises
For books about the cello and its music: Cello

Cello – History