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Open Access: OA Collections

A guide for researchers and authors who want to read or publish in open-access publications

Open Data

The Open Data movement aims to make large datasets available in useable formats (i.e., raw, machine-readable) so that anyone can use the data for building applications, research, analysis and other uses. Many researchers are placing their data in open-access repositories. Governments have also launched open-data initiatives that provide public access to government-managed datasets.

Open government data aims to create greater transparency in government, enabling citizens to hold governments accountable and make use of data for the public good. 

For more on how citizens can use open data, see:

Researcher datasets:

For an intro. to data management see:

Research Data Management a NISO primer by Carly Strasser. 


Good Enough Research Data Management – A Very Brief Guide Version 1.1, July 2017 by Eugene Barsky, University of British Columbia

OA Digital Collections: Photos, Documents, Film, etc.

See also Subject Guides - Web Resources

Multidisciplinary OA Journal Collections

MTA Libraries provides access to thousands of subscription-based academic journals through our library databases. You can search for individual journals through Journal Finder, or search large collections of subscription-based journals. See: Find Articles.

By comparison, the pages in this Open Access guide link to collections of non-subscription, free, online open-access publications. 

Sciences: OA Journal Collections

See individual sciences Subject Guides or contact your Subject Librarian for more detailed lists of subject-specific OA journals.

Arts & Social Sciences: OA Journal Collections

See Subject Guides or contact your Subject Librarian for more detailed lists of subject-specific OA journals.

Open Educational Resources

Tools to search for OA publications

OA Books