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Marketing Hits: Canadian Resources for Marketing Research: Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis Links

Industry Statistics

  • Canadian Industry Statistics, Industry Canada
    - Has overview analysis of Canadian industry trends on establishments, GDP, international trade, etc. using the latest annual Statistics Canada data. Also here: NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) finder and glossary of terms.

  • Financial & Taxation Statistics for Enterprises, (In Library: CA1 BS61 C219 Government Documents - Basement. From 1999 on also online via library catalogue) and
    Quarterly Financial Statistics for Enterprises, (In Library: CA1 BS61 C008 Government Documents - Basement. From 2000 on also online via library catalogue)
    - The tables and balance sheets in these Statistics Canada publications show operating revenue, expenses, and profit for incorporated businesses by industry groupings. Also listed: debt to equity ratio, return on capital employed, return on equity, total assets, and corporate income taxes paid.
    Years available: Annual: 1995 on. Data released after two years. Quarterly: 1990 on.

  • Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business, Statistics Canada (In Library: CA1 BS61 C244 CD-ROM, Ask at Circulation Desk)
    - An inventory of key financial ratios for small, medium, and large firms in Canada's major industry groups. Allows you to compare the success of a firm with industry averages. Sign out at Circulation Desk for use on library CD-ROM Workstations.
    NOTE: For background information see "Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business: Concepts, Sources and Methods" CA1 BS61 C0057.

  • Financial Performance Data (formerly Performance Plus, and SME Benchmarking Tool)
    - Provides industry averages for income statement and balance sheet items, for small and medium-sized businesses by business sector, for Canada, the provinces and territories. Performance measures include all business expenses (including advertising and promotion), employment data, some balance sheet and financial ratios, and profitable/non-profitable businesses (over 30 performance benchmarks).
    Years available: 1993 on. Updated every two years.

  • Information by Industrial Sector, Industry Canada
    - Wide range of information on various manufacturing and service industries, consumer products and technologies collected in one place by Industry Canada. Details can include market and company information, legislation, regulations and standards, industry profile, analysis and statistics, business and support services, government programs and services, list of industrial associations, etc.

  • Canadian Business Counts (formerly Canadian Business Patterns), Statistics Canada
    - Provides counts of businesses based on the Business Register and CRA filings; uses NAICS industry codes, for the country, provinces and major cities (CAs & CMAs), and Census Divisions.
    2001 - 2011 In library: CA1 BS61 C0040, CD-ROM Ask at Circulation Desk.
    Dec. 2011: See CANSIM Table 551-0001 and June 2012: See CANSIM Table 551-0002 with data for Canada and provinces/territories only.
    June 2017: See CANSIM Tables 552-0006 and 553-0006 for Canada and provinces/territories only.

    DLI Beyond 20/20 Web Data Server (WDS) has CD level data and higher from 1997 to present, and other, larger areas from 1988.
    Lower geography counts may be available on request through the DLI.
  • Canadian Importers Database, Industry Canada
    - Provides a list of major importers by product/commodity, city, and by country of origin. Based on the latest year's Canada Customs and Revenue Agency data, the list includes the names, city and postal codes of the top 80% import companies in the specified sector and the value of imports in that sector.

  • Associations Canada (In library: AS 40 .L3 Research Help Desk) Online In: Canada's Information Resource Centre database.
    - The most comprehensive listing of associations in Canada, providing contact information, URL, brief profile, list of publications. Industry associations can be an excellent source of industry statistics and other information.

    - Statistics Canada's largest database of economic, demographic, and social statistics containing over one million time series of data on topics including trade, industry, manufacturing, business conditions, etc.
    Coverage: Historical and current (dates vary). Searchable by keyword and browsable by subject.
  • Industry Classifications
    - This Statistics Canada page links to the latest and previous versions of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and other codes used for industry data.
  • Concordances Between Classifications
    - This Statistics Canada page shows the differences between various versions of industry codes.

Economic Statistics & Trends

  • Canadian Economic Observer, (In Library: CA1 BS11 C010 Government Documents - Basement and online through the library catalogue.)
    - This is Statistics Canada's flagship publication for economic statistics. Each monthly issue contains a summary of the economy, major economic events and a feature article. It has the leading indicator data (unemployment, housing starts, CPI, GDP, retail sales, exports, imports, etc) with analysis. A statistical summary contains a wide range of tables and graphs on the main economic indicators for Canada, the provinces and the major industrial nations. A historical listing of this same data is contained in the Canadian Economic Observer: Historical Supplement (CA1 BS11 C210 Government Documents - Basement).
  • Statistics Canada:The Daily
    - Provides latest daily statistics and analysis released by Statistics Canada covering demographic, social and economic topics. Feature articles include excerpts from publications as they are released. Searchable archive of past issues.
  • TD Bank Economic Reports
    - The Toronto Dominion Bank provides current and archived issues of their weekly and quarterly economic reports, commentary on economic issues, federal and provincial government finances, quarterly economic forecast, commodity price report, and automotive report.
  • CANSIM - Statistics Canada's largest database of economic, demographic, and social statistics containing over one million time series of data on topics including trade, industry, manufacturing, business conditions, etc.
    Coverage: Historical and current (dates vary). Searchable by keyword and browsable by subject.

Government Regulations

  • Information by Industrial Category
    - From this Industry Canada page, select an industry, then "Regulations and Standards" for links to Canadian regulatory information for that industry.
  • Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada KE 1610 .P75 5th. ed. 2015 Stacks
    - By Brenda Pritchard. Explains relevant legal issues and regulatory codes for all provinces and federally regulated sectors.

Country or Area Studies

  • Market Reports by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
    - Reports can be searched by international region or country and industry sector. Registration required for access to the reports.
  • Country Commercial Guides by the U.S. State Dept.
    - Search the U.S. Commercial Service "Market Research Library" for these detailed guides that provide a look at countries' commercial environments using economic, political and market analysis.
  • (see also links under "Exporting" in Other Marketing-Related Information)