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Mount Allison University Libraries | Music Library
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Pages through the Ages: A History of Mount Allison's Libraries & Archives: Timeline

A virtual exhibit of Mount Allison's early libraries and the faculty members who established and supported them.

Libraries' Timeline


Mount Allison officially opens.



Lingley Hall is erected on the site where Hart Hall now resides. It served as a lecture hall, music hall, and library.



The 3,000 books previously housed in Lingley Hall are divided amongst all three Mount Allison Institutions. The College Hall and Ladies' College libraries opens.



The Mount Allison Wesleyan College library collection is moved to the new Centennial Hall. College Hall is remodelled as a men's residence.



The Conservatory of Music is erected as an addition to the Ladies' College. It houses a small collection of printed music, which becomes the music library.



The Ladies' College Librarian Raymond Clare Archibald opens a special section of the library, named the Mary Mellish Archibald Memorial Library (MMAML) in honour of his late mother.



The Memorial Library, the first building on campus dedicated solely for library purposes, opens in honour of Allisonians who had lost their lives in the First World War. The bulk of the collections from the Centennial Hall and the Ladies' College libraries are transferred to the new building.



The Tweedie Annex, named in honour of the late William Morley Tweedie, is added to the Memorial Library. The addition increases stack capacity from 60,000 to 140,000. 



The music collection held in the old conversatory moves to the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music.



The Ralph Pickard Bell Library opens.



The music library is officially inaugurated as the Alfred Whitehead Memorial Music Library, in honour of the former head of the Department of Music.