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Services and Facilities: Lost & Found

Lost & Found

The Library has a large and ever-growing collection of Lost & Found items. Are any of these items yours? To claim an item, please talk with staff at the Access Services desk.

Grey clipboard with paper found Sept 9, 2019

And so it begins...Our first 'lost' item of the new school year. If it belongs to you, it can be found at the lost and found at the  Access Services circulation desk. :) Welcome back!

Wooden toy found Oct 14, 2019

My love for this toy is really genuine

Just like it is for this little penguin.

Various Water Bottles found Sept / Oct 2019.

What did one water bottle say to another? Water you doing today?


USB adapter found Oct 10, 2019

If your name is  "Myra", we may have your adapter. 

Eye glass case and blue light detecting card found Oct 10, 2019

Library critters look just as confused as we did when we found this. ?????

French textbook found afternoon of Oct 9,2019 (left by a female student)

Dear Female Student: We have your book -- it was located moments after you left !  Please come back :)

Pretty and Unique Umbrella found Weekend of Oct 4-6, 2019

When you can't see the sky for the clouds, at least you'll be able to see this pretty flower overhead.

Coffee mug found weekend of Oct 4-6, 2019

Uh-Oh -- Library Tiger and Library Bear look mighty interested in the concept of 'Canadian Take-Out'. Aren't Kuala Bears vegetarian?

Keys on 'Saints' lanyard found Oct 2 or 3, 2019

'Saint Library Monkey of the Forgotten Keys' ?

Laptop charging cord found Fri Sept 28,2019 on floor 2 or 3.

And now for some techie humour:

I was going to plug my laptop into my hi-fi but was worried I might end up stereotyping.


'Pearl' clip on earring found ground floor Sept 27,2019

Library Monkey is now sporting the latest in Tail Jewellery. Yes, he's a trend setter and that's now a 'thing'

Charger with style found on main floor Sept 24, 2019

What a pretty charger: the adapter is floral. Who says technology aids have to be boring  :)

Random items left on main floor table overnight Sept 20,2019 (found Sept 21,2019 am)

Couple of jokes to relieve the stress of losing your belongings:

A friend of mine got engaged to a pencil. He was really excited to introduce his friends to his bride 2B.

There are two reasons why you should never drink toilet water: Number one. And number two.



2 Mac Chargers found Sept 20,2019, main floor.

OMG...We think the forgotten mac chargers from last year have been breeding !!!

Navy umbrella found in The Bean Sept 18, 2019

Not a drop of rain in sight for today Library Monkey, but good to see that you're prepared for the next Dorian!

Makeup case found Sept 16, 2019

While the case contained no make up, it did contain something else that someone might be missing. :)

black pencil case found Sept 9-10, 2019

There was a point to somebody sharpening all these new pencils, so we imagine they'd like them back (pun intended!) .

Forest Heights Community School Hoodie, Name of 'Green' on shoulder, appears to belong to a 2018 graduate

A nice souvenir from someone's high school days looking kind of ridiculous on our tiny library tiger.

'Green' hoodie as modelled by Library Dog -- found Sept 2019

Yes -- it's a repeat of this lost hoodie, but Library Dog just looked far too 'fetching' in it not to post this picture as well!!

Calculus text found Sept, 2019

Q: Why is a calculus book always unhappy?

A: Because it always has lots of problems.  :p


Water bottles found Sept 2019

Just a monkey hanging out with some water bottles,You know -- like they do !

Film negative found Sept 2019

We're developing a theory as to whom this belongs. Perhaps a forgetful photography student..but we don't want to be too negative.  :)

Box 'O Crayons found Sept 2019

If you don't want your crayons, we know four little furry creatures that do. Problem is they may just want to eat them !

Abandoned books Sept 2019

Library Monkey appears blown away by all the lost books already accumulating at Access Services. At this rate we'll be able to double our collection by year's end!

Sony ear buds found Sept 4, 2019

They're ear buds Library Tiger, for your ears.

Cordless ear buds found Sept 9,2019

Ear buds..well only one in the case, so technically cordless ear bud ! Come and git it :)

Key found Sept 9, 2019

This could be the key to your future....and we have it!

Wool and impromptu knitting needles (note the pencils used -- soooo clever!) found Sept 2019

You know 'Winter is Coming' when Library Monkey starts knitting sweaters!

Glasses found Sept 2019

Library Dog is sporting some sassy new glasses for the new school year!