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Services and Facilities: Lost & Found

Lost and Found

The Library has a large and ever-growing collection of Lost & Found items. Are any of these items yours? To claim an item, please talk with staff at the Access 

Grey clipboard found Sept 2019.

And so it begins. Welcome back everyone!

MTA Mounties Soccer touque found Dec 5-6th, 2019

My, that's a well hung pom--pom Mr Man :)

Book found in library Dec 4, 2019

Ahh, so this is what you've been up to since you retired, Rick -- "Life Model". Thank-you for your modesty ! :)

Personal copy of book found in library Dec 1, 2019

Looks like we have a classic case of  "Monkey See, Monkey Do".  :)

Scissors and glue-stick found Nov 28th, 10 pm main floor

Rock, paper, scissors, glue-stick? 

Sony Headphones found Nov 22, 2019

Hmm... We believe this is a repeat appearance of these headphones, previously recovered by their owner. Perhaps the universe is telling you that Library Dog needs music in his life? :)

Cute Ladies black fleece gloves with bow found Nov 13-14, 2019

Curious where your gloves are? By George, they're at Access Services!  ;)

Casio calculator found Nov 12, 2019

Silly Library Tiger-- it's a calculator, not a game controller. Get back to work!

Glucose Reader found Nov 8,2019

If this is your glucose reader,  you must be missing it. We have it at the circulation desk, Access Services.

Texas Instruments scientific calculator T1-84 Plus found Nov 8, 2019

Who's a naughty Library Monkey?  Stop playing word games with the calculator!

Hairbrush found Nov 8, 2019

Every responsible pet owner knows it's important to groom your tiger daily, to keep the shedding down. Good job, Library Monkey! :)

Coffee mug (clean!) found Nov 8, 2019

Does this mug amoose you, Library Cow?

Headphones found Nov 4th or 5th 2019

Library Dog just passed his degree in sound engineering. He got a 1-2-1-2.

Keys found Nov 1, 2019

A little music humour from Library Pig: 

'Why are so many guitar player jokes one liners?  So the rest of the band can understand them'.

Ba-Dum-Bum (Don't quit your day job, Library Pig)

Random items found week of Oct 23-30, 2019

Our random lost and found items have dressed up for Hallowe'en as a 'Happy Hipster' ! 

Gatorade Bottle found in the Theatre Oct 23,2019.

Wow, we thought it was only Red Bull that gives you wings. Apparently Gatorade does the trick, too.

Book found weekend of Oct 18-20, 2019

'I've Been Meaning To Tell You', that you left your book at the library? 

MTA Homecoming Golf Classic NHL Draw tickets found weekend of Oct 18-20, 2019

If you come collect your tickets and win the prize, pretty sure Library Monkey is going to expect to be your date :)

Lanyard with key and voting button found Oct, 2019 in Help Hub room.

We admire your commitment , Library Monkey -- however we're pretty sure you need to be a Canadian Citizen in order to vote . And human ! :) 

Wooden toy found Oct 14, 2019

Penguin joke of the day -- How does a penguin get around? By Icicle :)


Eyeglass case containing Blue Light Tester

The Library Critters appear just as befuddled as we are. What the heck is this?  

Water bottles found September/October, 2019

What did one water bottle ask the other water bottle? Water you doing today?

Adapter found Oct, 2019

If your name is Myra, we may have your adapter. Come check at the circulation desk, Access Services

Applied Calculus binder found Sept, 2019

Why is a calculus book always unhappy?  Because it always has lots of problems. :)


Coffee mug found Oct 2019

Library Tiger and Library Bear look a little too interested in the concept of  'Canadian Fast Food'.  Hey--aren't Koala bears supposed to be vegetarians?

Keys on Saints lanyard found Sept/Oct 2019

'Saint Library Monkey of the Keys' ? :)

Knitting project found Sept 2019

Someone's been a clever crafter: Knitting needles made from pencils ! 

Box 'o Crayons found Sept 2019

Library critters would love to be let loose on these crayons...only problem is they'd probably eat them

Eye glasses found Sept, 2019

Library Dog looks fetching in his new sassy glasses. 

Books found Sept/ Oct ,2019

Library Monkey appears blown away by all the lost books already accumulating in Lost and Found. At this rate we should be able to double our collection by year's end ! 

Grey hoodie from Forest Heights High School

Name on the hoodie is 'Green',  but we're pretty sure the intention was not to recycle this. We have your sweatshirt  Mr/ Ms Green

Mac Chargers found Sept/ Oct 2019

It appears our Mac Chargers from last year have been breeding! We now have 3!

Safety glasses found outside library Oct 15, 2019

'You can never be too careful' says Library Dog, sporting some sturdy safety glasses.

Single 'Pearl' clip on earring found Sept/ Oct 2019

Always a trendsetter-- Library Monkey is sporting the latest in tail jewelry.

Umbrella found Sept/Oct 2019

Library Monkey appears ready for the next Dorian

Charger with Adapter found Sept 24,2019

What a pretty adapter. Who says technical aids have to be boring? :)