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Services and Facilities: Lost & Found

Lost & Found

The Library has a large and ever-growing collection of Lost & Found items. Are any of these items yours? To claim an item, please talk with staff at the Access Services desk.

Men's gloves 2018/2019

Is someone praying for the safe return of their gloves?

Some Good Books 2018/2019

Spoiler alert- I know how at least one of them ends!

Water bottles 2018/2019

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink...perhaps because we have your water bottle?

Chargers etc 2018/ 2019

Quite the collection of these phone/computer thingys we have.

Gloves galore! 2018/2019

And the winner of most lost article of clothing goes to...Gloves, yep we have them all!

Polkaudio headphones 2018/2019

E I E I E I O (Eat your heart out Walter Ostanek !)  How can you polka if you can't hear the music? Come claim your headphones.

Lovely Ladies gloves 2018/2019

Does somebody need a hand finding their gloves?

MASA agenda 2018/2019

Yes, to whom does this agenda belong?

cloth bag 2018/2019

Re-Use, Re-Cycle, Re-Cover?

Littlest Hobo? 2018/2019

One scarf, two scarf, 3 scarf, Blue. Library Dog is dressed well for all this Maritime 'weather' we've been having, but he'll gladly give up an item if it belongs to you .

saje ointment 2018/2019

For 'acute' or 'a-ugly' boo boo. We have your ointment!

Pencil case from STAPLES 2018/2019

That was easy!

Pretty pink pencil case complete with sharpener 2018/2019

Make sure you never have a dull, pointless moment.

Reebok Runners 2018/2019

Has anyone's sneakers run away from them?

Ladies green spring jacket 2018/2019

Spring is just around the corner(I promise). You may need this soon.

Grey Tee 2018/2019

We'll give you the shirt off our back, or someone else's at least.

Human Physiology; an integrated approach 7e, 2018/2019

Whoah, this retails on for $184. Better come and get your book back quickly, before Mom and Dad find out you lost it!

Evolving Entrepreneurial Education, 2018/2019

An Amazing Alliteration Appellation, awesome!

Ear buds 2018/2019

The inset picture says it all!

Crafty Purse (found on outside front steps Feb 1, 2019)

Well someone out there sure is talented, and likely missing their hobby holder.

Knitted ear warmer Feb 1, 2019

Bad Doggy! You know the Bird Box Challenge is dangerous -- take that off! 

dirty dishes Feb 2019

Did you know we have a new drop off service for your dirty dishes. JK, please come retrieve them before they start to smell! 

Glasses 2018/2019

If you want to be Spec-tacular during Math class, come pick up your glasses. They'll improve your Di-Vision ! 

American Eagle Hoodie Feb 7,2019

The Eagle has landed!  Here, at Access Services, please come get your bird!

Carhartt knit hat Feb 2019

Do you think somebody toque your hat? Nah, it's just at Access Services.

Charger Feb 2019

Have you got the February blahs, or are you just out of power?

silver ring 2018/2019

Our lovely hand model Rodney is sporting the latest in forgotten jewelry.

Bracelet 2018/2019

Ahoy Matey, did you sail away without your nautical themed bracelet?