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Three Cheers: Information

A virtual exhibition on the early days of sports at Mount Allison University.



The original Three Cheers! virtual exhibition (2008) was created by:

  • Rhianna Edwards: project design and supervision
  • Angela Hersey: research
  • Kip Jackson: website design, digitization, cataloguing, audio capture, text, research
  • Donna Beal: research consultant
  • Gayle H. Martin: director and conductor, Mount Allison Choral Society
  • Menjo Norden: manager, Brunton Auditorium, Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music
  • Jill Arsenault: website banner design The Marjorie Young Bell Endowment Fund: funding and support


The migration of the original virtual exhibition to the current platform was undertaken by Archival intern Renée Belliveau and student Susanna Cupido in 2019. The revision and transfer of the content was made possible in part by the Government of New Brunswick (SEED program), the Government of Canada (Young Canada Works), the Marjorie Young Bell Endowment Fund, and the Mount Allison University Department of Canadian Studies.

During the migration process, some of the original content was reordered for clarity and additional information and photographs were added. The Mount Allison University Libraries and Archives hope that you will enjoy learning about the early days of sports at Mount Allison through this virtual exhibition.


In keeping with the mission of the Mount Allison University Archives to acquire, preserve and make available the records in its holdings, the preparation of this virtual exhibition is intended to provide increased access to original documents. However, viewers are reminded that the photographs and images of documents used in this exhibition are provided for the purposes of research, private study, general interest and reference only.

Access to the photographs and images of these documents and the technical capacity to download them does not imply permission for re-use. Any use other than those cited above, including publication or re-distribution in any form, electronic and publishing/broadcasting on the Web, or use in an exhibition or display, requires written permission from the Mount Allison University Archives.

Materials made available in this online exhibition may also be subject to additional restrictions including, but not limited to, the rights of copyright and privacy. Users should be aware of their responsibility for determining the existence of such rights and acquiring all necessary permissions.


For information on this virtual exhibition and the archival documents featured in it please contact us. 

Contact information

Mount Allison University Archives

Third floor, Ralph Pickard Bell Library

49 York Street Sackville, New Brunswick  E4L 1C6

Telephone: 506-364-2563

Fax: 506-364-2617


University Archivist: David Mawhinney - BA, MIST

Hours: The Mount Allison University Archives are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. To make an appointment, either e-mail or telephone the Archives (506-364-2563) and leave a voice message. Staff will then contact you to arrange for an appointment.

Technical information


The majority of the images on this virtual exhibit were digitized using an Epson Perfection 3200 Photo scanner at 300 DPI, 24-bit colour resolution, uncompressed TIFF file format. No touch-ups were done, and every effort was made to reproduce as closely as possible the original image.

Some photographs, which were larger than the scanner bed, were still scanned, provided that the essential information in the photograph, such as all people, was still visible. Cropping of the original image was inevitable in these situations. Occasionally, long outsize photographs and illustrations were scanned in separate sections, and stitched together afterwards into panorama images using the open-source image editing software, IrfanView, version 3.95.

Other items, such as large maps and textiles, were photographed using a Sony Cybershot DSC-W1 digital still camera, and the image dimensions were reduced afterwards using IrfanView.

Stereo audio recordings of the Mount Allison Choral Society were captured on two tracks in WAV file format using a Tascam DP-01 digital portable recorder, and were reduced afterward to 192 kb/s MP3 file format using Musicmatch Jukebox software, version 8.2.


Web design of the original virtual exhibition (2008) (hosted on Webmaster) was carried out by Kip Jackson, Archives Project Worker, Mount Allison University Archives, and was coded directly using HTML and CSS. The migration of the original website to the LibGuide platform was carried out by Renée Belliveau, Archival Intern (2018-2019), with help from Susanna Cupido.

The banner was created by Renée Belliveau from archival documents and images featured in the exhibition using Photo Editor Movavi 5.6. It was inspired by the original 2008 banner created by Jill Arsenault.


The Three Cheers! virtual exhibition will be supported online through the Mount Allison Libraries and Archives LibGuide platform from 2021 onward.