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Three Cheers: School spirit

A virtual exhibition on the early days of sports at Mount Allison University.


School spirit

There is perhaps nothing that can generate school spirit as much as spectator sports. Athletes and fans share in the creation of excitement and anticipation on the field, court, and rink. Pride in the achievements and successes of one's home team is felt not only among athletes and spectators, but also across the school and community at large.

Mount Allison students, faculty and school administrators have been cheering for "Old Mount A" since the mid-1870s. By 1892 they also began singing songs and shouting yells in support of their home teams.

On this website the sub-section Fans focuses on the development and characteristics of Mount Allison's sports' supporters and touches on how they expressed their appreciation for their home teams.

The sub-section Cheers closely examines the songs and cheers that were voiced by Mount Allison's fans a century ago. As a bonus, the Mount Allison Choral Society recorded some of these songs and cheers specifically for this website.  They are presented as downloadable audio recordings in the cheers section for your enjoyment.

Mount Allison pennant

Mount Allison University Archives, Mrs. Bob E. Lockhart fonds, accession 7528. 

May only be reproduced with permission of the Mount Allison University Archives.