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Find Information: Internet Search Engines & Directories

Search Engines, Online Translation, and Subject Directories

General Search Engines

A search engine created by Microsoft which features image and video searching as well as instant answering to selected questions.

DuckDuckGo and StartPage
StartPage and DuckDuckGo focus on protecting user privacy. They claim to not record user IP addresses or share any personal data with third parties.

Features a wide array of search features including image and video searching, book searching, Google Scholar and more.

Discovery Engines

Million Short
Experimental search engine that encourages discovery of sites that don't normally rank at the top of most other search engine results by permitting you to remove the top million, hundred thousand, ten thousand, thousand or hundred sites from the results set.

Meta Search Engines

Meta search engines use a single search interface to return results from more than one search engine.

Reviews search results from Bing, Google and Yahoo, attempts to select the most relevant results, removes duplicates and presents you the results.

Combines the top search results from a variety of popular search engines including Bing, Google, and Ask.

Answer Engines

Answer engines focus on providing specific answers to questions by returning lists of websites which provide an answer, or providing a single best answer.
Ask provides answers by searching the web where possible, and querying specific Ask users when that fails. Results are returned as a list of websites.

Wolfram Alpha
An answer engine which computes answers to questions based on built-in knowledge which is curated by human experts, rather than searching the web.

Music and Image Retrieval Engines

CC Search
Searches only public domain and openly licensed images.

Allows users to search, store, and share images. Results can be filtered to show only results in 'the commons', or not under copyright.

Google Images
Along with familiar search techniques, allows users to search for images by dragging and dropping images to find like pictures. Results can be filtered to show only results in 'the commons', or not under copyright.

Search for songs by humming the tune.

Blog and Listserv Searching

Use to find listserv discussion lists.

Internet History

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
Helps preserve the history of the internet and allows you to search for old versions of websites.

Online Translation (Machine Translation)

Machine translators can provide quick translations of websites and text. Be aware that the translations are not always ideal. However, they can provide helpful information when dealing with foreign language websites, or short passages.

Google Translate
Allows the translation of passages of text as well as web pages. Can be set up to translate email and live chat within Gmail.

Bing Translator
Allows the translation of passages of text as well as web pages. Can be set up to enable translation within Windows Live Messenger.

Moses Machine Translation
In addition to providing online translation, this site hosts a great deal of information about how statistical machine translation works.

Subject Directories

Internet Public Library (ipl2)
ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. Students and volunteer library and information science professionals answer reference questions and help to design and maintain the ipl2's collections.

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Note: Revisions pending.  This page was last updated on 14 May 2012.