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History of Acadians at Mount Allison: Student Radio

A virtual exhibit on the history of Acadians at Mount Allison University and in Sackville, New Brunswick.

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CHMA, the campus and community radio station, has been entertaining listeners at Mount Allison University since the early 1970s, but it wasn't until 2012 that an Acadian radio program was put on air.


L'Acadie Chez Nous

L'Acadie Chez Nous was a French Language Acadian Cooking Show hosted by David White (B.A. 2013) as part of an independent study culture course (FREN 4951) supervised by Dr. Monika Boehringer of the French Department. It aired every Friday from 2 to 3 p.m. on CHMA 106.9 FM. Each episode explored the origins of a different Acadian meal, from the poutine râpée to the crêpes de patates. The show also featured Acadian music, a “mot Chiac de la semaine” and some prominent Acadian guests, including Julie Aube (les Hay Babies) and Herménégilde Chiasson.

List of episodes

  1. The first episode aired on 13 January 2012 with guest Nic Leblanc demonstrating how to make Chicken fricot. Music included Dis-moi Donc by Paul Hébert; Le Long de la Mer Jolie by Suzie LeBlanc; Radio Radio; and Mon Ami, Mon Amour by Paul Hébert. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "Astheur" ("now," abbreviation of "a cette heure").
  2. On 20 January 2012, guests Kyle Mason and Catherine Lapointe were invited to discuss la poutine râpée. Music included Par héritage by Bluegrass Diamonds; Pieds Nus Dans la Vie by Calixte Duguay; Dekshoo by Radio Radio; and Voila Chu Perdu by Julie Aube. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "icitte" ("ici" or "here").
  3. On 27 January 2012, musician Julie Aube (of Les Hay Babies) was invited to share her favourite Acadian dish: her grandmother's galettes blanches. Music included Les ravages du temps by Paul Hébert; Un Avocat/Bransle de Poitou by Suzie LeBlanc; Au Revoir by Julie Aube; and Pierre à Jean-Louis by Calixte Duguay. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "right" (anglicisme, to add intensity).
  4. On 3 February 2012, guest Casey Losier demonstrated how to make une tarte au sucre jaune. Music included Vuca Vuca by Radio Radio; Joli Bois by Suzie LeBlanc; and Je me souviens by Bluegrass Diamonds. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "pis" ("and," for "et puis").
  5. On 10 February 2012, guest Meg Legere was invited to discuss her favourite Acadian dish: le râpé. Music included Outre Mer by Paul Hébert; Mon Mari est Bien Malade by Maggie Chiasson; Le petit fusil by Imelda Arsenault; La Reine d'Angleterre by Eulalie Blacquière and Imelda Arsenault; and Enfant Special by Radio Radio. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "tchulottes" ("culottes" or "pants").
  6. On 17 February 2012, host David White and Christine McLaughlin attempted to make la tire blanche for the first time. Music included Dans mon bateau by Bluegrass Diamonds; Rien que pour toi by Calixte Duguay; and Au Revoir by Julie Aube. The "mot chiac de la semaine" focused on the Acadian tendency to add the suffix "é" to english verbs, such as "parké" ("stationner" or "park").
  7. On 2 March 2012, host David White demonstrated a recipe for une soupe au navet. Music included Autoroute sans retour by Danny Boudreau; Par un dimanche soir by Denise Allain; Par un vendredi by Florence Bernard; J'ai un problème by Marie-Eve Janvier and Jean-Francois Breau; and l'Épopée de Belmundo by Radio Radio. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "yinque" ("rien que" or "only").
  8. On 9 March 2012, guest Casey Losier made a repeat appearance to discuss the popular dessert les pets de soeur. Music included Le mari jaloux by Suzie LeBlanc; J'ai vu l'hiver by Calixte Duguay; and L'ordre du jour by Paul Hébert. The "mot chiac de la semaine" focused on "code-switching" or the tendency to switch between French and English, such as "Je suis peintre and I’m trying to find the key to colour," taken from Gérald LeBlanc's book Moncton Mantra, published in 1997.
  9. On 16 March 2012, guest Laura Gibbon was invited to talk about des crêpes de patate. Music included Le monde a bien changé by 1755; J’chus bénaise, j’chus à mon aise by Bluegrass Diamonds; and Chu perdu (une sad chanson d’amour) by Julie Aube. The "mot chiac de la semaine" was "brailler" ("pleurer" or "crying").
  10. On 23 March 2012, former Lieutenant Governor Herménégilde Chiasson visited to discuss le pâté au lievre. Music included Jacuzzi by Radio Radio; Liza Jane by Paul Hébert; Ma Louisiane by Zachary Richard; and Lady Dorianne by Calixte Duguay. The "mot chiac de la semaine" focused on "code-switching" of compound verbs such as "viendrai back" ("revenir" or "come back").
  11. On 30 March 2012, Moncton artist Dano Leblanc phoned in to discuss, once again, les poutines râpées.